How many months do you need to get in shape?

You’ve probably heard about magical methods which promise you to get in shape in about
several weeks. But are they true? How much time does it take to really get in shape? Well, there
isn’t a quick solution. If someone tells you that they can make you perfectly fit in even less than
6 weeks, you’d better get out of there.
Yes, there are some people which gain muscle faster than others. But nobody can get a perfect
body shape in such a small amount of time.

The necessary time depends on what your goals are
What are you trying to achieve? To get stronger? To lose body fat? To lose weight? Well, how
long will it take to get in shape depends on what your goals are. But remember that you’ll start
feeling better much sooner than you’ll see results. In maybe about 2 weeks you may find
yourself feeling much better than before. In 6-8 weeks you may start to see some changes in your
body and in about 3-4 months you will probably start to see significant results.

Components of “being in shape”
 Muscular strength – this is the ability to fully use your muscles. Even if you are simply
trying to lose weight, you should still include strength exercises in your schedule. To get
in shape with muscular strength you need to regularly do resistance training. If you
aren’t aiming to get significant muscular strength, you can see good results with at least
3 workouts per week for about two months. But if you want to compete, you’ll have to
plan about 4-6 months in training combined with proper nutrition.
 Flexibility – aka the ability to fully use the motion of range of your joints. It’s usually
left out of the training sessions but it’s important in order to maintain proper balance. If
you lack flexibility your risk to get injured while increasing the flexibility decreases this
risk and reduces the tension in your muscles. It also makes your muscles more efficient.
Some level of increase in your flexibility can be seen is about 10 weeks of regular
 Muscular endurance – this is how long you muscles can support a particular weight
(whether it would be your body weight or a dumbbell). A study in 2017 showed that
cardio training combined with high repetition strength work can increase the endurance
of the muscles in athletes in about 6 weeks. But this is for athletes. If you aren’t one,
you’ll probably need more time.


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