How early do you have to prepare for the beach

How much time does it take to get into shape?

Well, that depends on how much damage have you done to your body. Still, you probably can easily reverse those bad effects even in two weeks. But that’s not the best way. You’d better approach the task more gradually and make minor changes in the course of 6-8 or 10-12 weeks because this is a lot easier for the brain and by the end the same physiological changes are visible.

Ben Lucas shows that getting into a good shape for the summer should take no less than a month because this way you are more comfortable with the process. He says that if people try to prepare for the beach in less time, they will get too extreme. This will neither benefit their health, nor will it lead to lasting results.

And now let’s give you some quick tips about how to prepare for the beach.

The food

If you want to get into summer shape you should be careful with what you consume. There is no point in training if you don’t eat properly. You should try to eat whole unprocessed foods, more fruits and vegetables, nuts and lean meats. Some people go on a no-carb or a no-dairy diet but that’s actually not necessary. Even if you consume dairy and carbs, you can still get awesome results. You should exclude food groups from your diet ONLY if recommended by a physician.

To adjust your habits when you are changing your diet it will probably take 6-8 weeks. In this period you’ll get used to the change and the body will acclimatize to the new dietary plan.

You should be consuming enough protein (and mostly cottage cheese, lean meats and eggs).

Also, it’s recommended to cut out the alcohol and drink enough water in order for your body to stay hydrated.

The work-out

It’s best to train regularly all year round but if you’ve ‘forgotten’ about training during the winter there is still time and opportunity to get in shape for the summer. It’s recommended to participate in some kind of strength exercise because it increases the metabolism and makes your body burn more calories.
But you don’t need to worry too much because going overboard isn’t what you should aim for.
Many people do too much cardio training. If you train with a high intensity too much, while this can be a valuable tool when done in moderation, you may start suffering from a burn-out.

Sleep enough

Your muscles grow during the process of recovery and the biggest part of recovery happens during your sleep. So getting enough sleep can promote the recovery of the muscles and will let you actually see the results of your dietary change and training habits.

A word about the rapid weight loss

Yes, it is manageable to achieve a rapid weight loss but this is neither sustainable, nor healthy for the body. It makes the organs suffer, makes the brain suffer and is definitely unhealthy for your cardiovascular system.


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