Gym Safety Rules, How to Workout and Not Get Injured

Working out at the gym is great, there are people that workout and you get motivated, you see progress, you can ask them questions, get ideas how to workout better and many more.
However you have to be careful when working out with weights and machines. There are some basic safety rules, for proper workout and general gym safety that we will share with you in this articles.

1.Always look around you before and during exercise
This might sound like something of a commons sense, but many people just put their headphones on and act like they are not in the gym. They don’t care about anyobody around them, they are just there to do their job. There is nothing wrong with that, except you have to be careful not to accidently hit anybody with the weight that you are swinging, or that somebody that doesn’t look at you might hit you with the dumbells that they use for shoulder rise ups.

So when you start to exercise, after chosing the weight and taking it , or after sitting ont he machine that you are using, take a quick look areound to make sure that you are nother in the working zone of anybody else and your exercising can go withot bothering them, of their exercise bothering you.

2.Pick proper weight
Now this is somethng that probably 90% + have done. Picking too much weight. This is hard to explain, why people do it, but we do it. So if you often see yourself with too much weight, and probably bad form. Think about it, too much weight doesn’t allow you to perform good form,which increases the chances of injuries and also at some point you might want to swing the weight to get that rep and at this point you might hit somebody or yourself.

3.Chek the condition of weights and machines before using them
Many machines are so much used at the big gyms, and they might at some point get damaged. This is also true for the free weights. People often use them and damage them and just leave them at their place. Now if you are next to use the machine/weights you might injure yourself. Let’s say that the machine cable is damaged, and you are putting a big weight to make bigger impact on muscles and try a bigger number, and you are focused during exercise and then the cable breaks, this is just bad situation, because many injuries can occur to you and other people around the gym.
This same situation can happen with free weights, if they are damaged they could simply fall off and hit something or somebody.

So just take a look at the weights and machines that you are going to use, to make sure that they are safe to use.

4.Don’t throw weights
Throwing weights , and making some noise might seem like fun, and you might feel like a beast, but you should really be careful.
You are not just damaging the floor and weights, but also if you are not paying attention you might hit somebody or yourself by doing so.
When you want to throw the weights at least take a look around you and try not to hit somebody. But better idea would be not to throw them. Place them slowly on the floor.

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