Gym Etiquette – 15 rules for beginners at the gym

So, you are new to the gym? Congratulations on your decision to life more active and healthy life. But there are some rules of the gym etiquette you may want to hear in order to make your gym time as pleasant as possible. They will create a comfortable and safe environment which will allow everybody to exercise calmly without worrying what the person besides them is doing.

1. Don’t make fun of others

Well, you should already know that but we should remind you once again. Don’t take secret photos of the other gym-goers, don’t post funny stories about them on Instagram, etc.

2. Wipe down the equipment once you’ve finished using it

That’s the healthy thing to do. BBC News say that bacteria can live on gym equipment for several hours and viruses can survive there for days. So wipe down the equipment with some disinfectant to stop those germs from spreading.

3. Share the equipment

Be aware if there other people who are waiting for the same equipment you are using.

4. Don’t talk too much on the phone

This is valid for any public space.

5. Don’t grunt excessively; avoid too much vocalizing

6. Let your friends exercise

Don’t stand by them, chattering away. They may want to focus on the workout.

7. Ask for permission before you change the TV channel

8. Don’t sing tunes aloud; do it only in your head

9. Locker room isn’t a living room

Yes, it’s fine to change out in the open but remember that some people don’t want to be around naked strangers.

10. For the machines follow the bathroom stall rules

This means that is someone uses a piece of equipment, if there are several pieces of this equipment available, skip one and don’t jump next to the other person. Give them their personal space.

11. Don’t sit on the equipment while not using it

12. Don’t take too much selfies

Just snap a quick photo and continue training.

13. Don’t give unasked advice

Only give such if you’ve been asked to.

14. Put the equipment away once you’re done

It’s up to everyone to keep the gym clean and organized. Put the weights away once you’ve finished using them.

15. Don’t hit the gym for dates

Yes, you can meet your date at the gym. Still, the gym has to be a safe place for everyone.
They shouldn’t need to worry about being catcalled or getting hit on.

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