Getting a dog might help you lose weight

Humans and dogs have been best friends for centuries. Dogs are much more than simple companions. Studies have shown that owning a pet may help you live a longer and healthier life. Let’s see how.

Owning a pet encourages healthy habits

If you own a dog, this can prompt you to make some lifestyle changes. Walking the dog has proven health benefits. The Wellness Institute at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital showed that people who exercised together with their pets had a bigger likelihood to stick to the training routine than people who exercised on their own.

Walking your dog also helps you lose weight but not only that. It can help you get more physical activity and, as a result, promotes the strength of your bones and can help keep osteoporosis at bay. Also, since you’ll be walking your pet outside, you get more vitamin D from the sun.

Pets help us feel better.

When you aren’t feeling in a good mental state, consider petting your dog. This simple act (or the other interactions with your pet) causes the brain to release oxytocin – which is a calming hormone.

But can owning a dog help you lose weight? In short, yes. Let’s see how.

How can the dog help you lose weight

First, it’s fun to exercise with your dog. You won’t be spending your time being bored while training but you’ll be exploring the city with your pet. That way you’ll be active and you’ll be spending quality time with your pet. You can even find out that you are having such a good time that you’ve forgotten you are exercising.

Plus, your dog must stay active. Any responsible pet owner should ensure that their dog gets adequate and regular exercise. So when your dog needs to have its exercise, this will be the perfect reason for you to get going as well.

And there are some “incidental exercises” that can happen if you own a dog. The pet may enjoy being chased outside or playing tug of war, or just dragging you behind them to explore new smells and sounds. That way, without even trying to work-out, you’ll be getting excellent and healthy exercise.

To finish up, we have to mention that your dog can be an awesome motivation for you. Some days, when you don’t feel like exercising, there is nothing better than you four-legged buddy to offer you some motivation and encouragement to get up and get out.

The science

There are many studies who support out claims.

– In 2017 a study from the University of Lincoln showed that those who owned dogs walked,on average, 22 more minutes a day than people who didn’t own dogs.
– In 2011 a study conducted by researchers at the Michigan State University showed that those who walked their dogs had 34% more likelihood to fit to the recommended 150 minutes of walking a week than people who didn’t own dogs.
– In 2011 a study from the University of Virginia found that teens from families who has dogs were getting about 15 more minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity than the teens from families without dogs.


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