Foods that make your skin look bloated

We all know how terrible it is when your face looks bloated. But do we know what causes it?
Well, there are various reasons amongst which is the food. Here we’ll see which foods can make your face look bloated.

Salty foods

Salty foods contain, well, salt which consists of sodium. The sodium makes your body retain lots of water. This, in turn, gives you a bloated feeling and makes you feel uncomfortable. And, if you are a woman, just before your period there are a lot of hormonal changes in your body. They lead to retention of even more water. And – well, we all know where this is going – this may make your face look even more bloated.

Refined foods

Refined foods – sugars, flours, etc. – have a high glycemic index. Some people say that those type of foods lead to bloating. So, if you have some suspicion about these foods, try to exclude them from your diet to see how you feel and if your face still has this bloated look.

Foods that have indigestible sugars

Some vegetables – the cruciferous one, in particular (like cabbage, kale and broccoli) have indigestible sugars in them. The name is pretty much self-explanatory – those sugars cannot be digested by your body. This, in turn, may lead to bloating and feeling of discomfort.

Foods with high omega-6 oils content

Some people experience facial bloating when consuming foods which have a high content of omega-6 oils. Such foods are oils make from peanut, corn, safflower and others. If you use such types of foods regularly and suspect that they may be the cause of your facial bloating, try to replace or exclude them and see how you feel. You may actually respond better to foods with omega-3 fatty acids – such as fish oil, olive oil and flax-seed oil.

Allergenic foods

By allergenic we mean ‘foods that cause allergies”. The list is quite long but some of the most common food allergies are to peanut and shellfish. And, if you have a mild allergy to some kind of food, then this may be the reason for your facial bloating. If you suspect that this is the case, then eliminate the foods you think you are allergic to from your diet and consult with your doctor to determine whether you have an allergy and what are you allergic to.


  • Some foods, if eaten at night, may lead to morning facial bloating. Such foods are:
  • Cheese
  • Ramen
  • Sushi
  • Milk
  • Pretzels
  •  Alcoholic beverages
  • French fries
  • Processed meats – salami, ham, bacon
  • Condiments – soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, etc.


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