Exercising time – is it better to train in the mornings or at night

Many people ask themselves what is the best time for exercise – in the morning or at night. Well, the answer is not straightforward nor the same for everyone. There are different pros and cons of both types of workout with the cons being whether you will be able to fit them perfectly in your daily regimen. However, the pros are many, many more. So let us begin.

Pros of training in the morning

  • You will be finished with the task in the morning. Many people who get up early say that they train in the morning to get this task out of the way as early as possible and to not have to worry about exercising later in the day and whether some unexpected events will prevent them from working-out. In addition, by training in the morning you will ensure your body a nice boost of energy and a good supply of endorphins to get you through the day.
  • The body is prepared for the exercise. After you have gotten a full night of sleep your body will be recovered and gained new strength. The used muscle fibers have been repaired and the food have been converted into energy, which can be used in the morning. Therefore, in the first hours after you get up your body will be fresh and prepared to do some exercises but you’ll also need to warm-up more because when you wake up your muscles are cold and not getting enough warm-up may increase the risk of injury.
  • Promotes weight-loss. If you workout in the morning you will boost your metabolism and your body will burn up more calories later that day. Morning exercises are the better way to burn fat because if you train before having breakfast the body will burn up not the food’s carbohydrates but the fat stores.
  • Helps you be more consistent. After a long and tiring day sometimes all you want is to sit on the couch and watch some TV which means that you’ll probably skip your work-out routine. However, those who exercise early in the morning are more consistent with their training schedules.
  • Better sleep. No matter when you work out, you will certainly have better sleep but this can go even higher if you train in the morning. Early workout exposes the body to daylight early and the body will ‘power down’ at night. In addition, morning exercises have been shown to reduce the blood pressure that also correlates with better sleep.

The pros of exercising at night

  • You are already prepared for a workout. Your body is refueled in the morning but at the evening you are more prepared for a work-out. One has more energy around 2-6 pm. In addition, after you have been up for a while your body is warmed up and the joints have more fluid which leads to you being less prone to injuries.
  • You can work-out more intensely. The synthesis of protein is at its peak at the evening that means that you will be more fueled up and ready to exercise more intensely,especially if we are talking about lifting weights. Lungs are also at their peak efficiency in the evening which means that the endurance workouts are also more intense and beneficial at night.
  • Blowing off the steam. After you have had a long day you can blow off some steam during your night work-out. That way you will reduce the stress and you will be able to relax and let go of the tension you have gathered during the day.

Now let us quickly check when is the best time for a workout if you want to achieve a particular goal.

Muscle strength – evening.

The strength of the muscles is at its lowest point in the morning and starts to gradually improve during the day with its peak being in the early evening. Nevertheless, you should also know that the strength is greatest in the evening for exercises which implement faster movements.

Therefore, you should remember that the strength of the muscles is variable during the day – with the lowest point being after you get up – and depends on the speed of your workout.

Muscle size – evening.
According to a specific study one can gain more muscle size if one exercises in the evening. Two groups of men were compared – in one of the groups the men trained during the morning while the other group trained at night. The researchers found that those who trained at night gained size and strength with an average of a 3.5% more.

For improved sleep and less stress – morning.
We already discussed this part above so we will only mention that the morning workouts improve the sleep quality.

Weight-loss – both.
Both the morning and the evening workout are good for losing weight. Therefore, if you are devoted to losing weight it comes down to when you are able to fit the exercises in your schedule.


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