Drinking Water and Gym Progress (How Much Water Do You Need)

Water is key component in our bodies. We are drinking water for many important processes to happen in our body. It might be used for digestion, for cooling off when we are working out, or the weather is hot.

The human body contains more than 50% water.

It is one of the main processes that our body needs to be healthy and be energized. So as you might already figured out, the water is quite important for the gym progress.

Water also helps with digestion, performance, and moving waste products away from your body.

Is drinking water connected with gym?

There are many ideas that water is connected with performance. For example this study , shows that if an ahtlete doesn’t hydrate well for their activity level and requirements, it can decrease their physical performance. Which is quite important. If you want to achieve great results at the gym or any other sport, you have to be well hydrated. Since performance is not just important for better or faster running for example, but for lifting more weight for longer time, then you will stimulate better growth in your muscles, and this can lead to improve your results.

How much water?

The general idea for most people is that you have to drink about 0.5 gallons of water for the average person. This is just an average value and it could differ for people, especially for athletes.

While working out you are utilizing a lot of water to cool your body, and your metabolism works faster, all this leads to more water consumption. So if you are active, you have to drink more than half a gallon of water a day.

Drinking about 0.7 to 1 gallon of water is the average value recommended for most athletes. Depending on the activity level and weather conditions, since on hotter conditions you will sweat more and require more water, or if you are exercising 1 hours a day instead of 30 minutes, you might even need more than that.

Water is also connected with the amount of food that you eat, generally if you eat more food you need more water to help digest it.

How often to drink water?

Depending on how much water you have to drink you should simply divide it by about 5 and drink during the day. For example, if you need 0.7 gallons of water divide by 5 = 0.14gallons. You should drink that each 2 or 3 hours during the day.
Of course if you feel thirsty do not wait.

How to know if you are drinking enough water?

Usually, about 2-3 litres or (0.5 – 0.9 gallons) is good amount for the average person that works out. People suggest to look at urine color as one of the best indicators of how much water you consume. So the theory is if your color is darker, then you need to drink some water, but that is not the perfect indicator since food can change the color.

Sometimes you might be thirsty and be tricked that you are hungry, so consuming water regularly (but not too much) might even help with losing excess weight.




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