Does the Weight Number Matter?

Have you seen pictures of people’s progress? They often share they weight number and picture to show how much weight they lost and as a number on the scale. However, you also might have seen people that lost body fat and get visually fitter and yet they gained or stayed the same weight.

So you probably see where we are getting. The scale is important, but you cannot use it and determine if you have made any progress in the gym.

Just looking at the scale you will see the total body weight, which is helpful, but it really can trick you.

Here are some examples to consider

Example 1
You can lose 5-10 lbs in few hours, by dehydrating in a hot sauna. Often people think that this is helpful and they lose quite amount of weight. However this is simple fluids that are used to cool off your body. So once you get enough water that weight returns.

Example 2
If you weighed yourself on different times of the day, it might really change that number, depending on the foods that you consume, how many times you have been to the restroom and how much fluids you consume.
If you weighed yourself at night, after big meal, and then you weigh yourself at the morning after the morning routine and restroom visit, then you might see even 5 lbs difference.

Example 3
If you are prone to containing water and getting bloaty, then you might get fit with you even changing 1 lbs of body fat, but simply by removing the food that makes you bloaty.

If you gain muscle or lose fat, the scale cannot really tell you what kind of weight it weights. So you should check the scale, but do not rely on it for the progress at the gym.

Does the weight number matter?

The weight number might matter in many cases (like BMI and general idea of your body composition) but it might not be good idea to rely simply on the scale for your gym progress.

If you really want to find out if you are making progress, use the scale, but use other things like, taking pictures measuring your arms,waist , hips and other parts of your body. You can even ask friends/family for progress, but just keep in mind that most progress takes at least few months to see noticeable changes.


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