Does gym help with running speed

Many athletes have been using training at the gym for increasing speed and performance in general for their particular sport type. Most of the sports require endurance and strength. So going to the gym, and training you could increase your perofmrance. Depending on what kind of sport you are playing in.

If we are talking about running, which is important for a lot of sports, then training – especially leg training could increase your performance.

In order to run faster or longer, you need to perform a lot of running – jogging, faster running, longer running and more types.
A research shows that strength training for people that want to improve their running performance has been showed to give great results.

For people that want to increase their running performance, should consider training 2-3 times a week with low intensity work outs to improve their results in the sport.

If you improve your lower body strength you will increase the force you apply on your feet and thus can increase the speed and the power in general of your steps. If you have better power and better endurance you could get great results.

One other bonus from strength training is the increased utilization of oxygen. The oxygen fuels your muscles when running and this improves the speed and overall performance of your runing.

Another thing is that oxygen is impotant, because the body uses oxygen to replace the used glycogen , whch is the main source of energy for the muscle. IF you have low glycogen your performance will suffer.

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