Do you need weights to train your legs

Do you need weights to train your legs? You might be asking this question if you cannot go to the gym and use the machines to work on your leg muscles. Or you simply want to do some exercises with your own body weight to tone up those muscles. Well, while it’s good to use weights in legs training, you can do just fine without them. Check the list of exercises we’ve chosen to see some examples of leg exercises without weights.

Squat jump

Spread your feet at a hip width. Start squatting until you reach a positions at which the thighs are parallel to the ground. Now jump as high as possible. Let your knees bent ad 45 degrees at landing. Pause in a squat position for a second. Then jump again.

Side lunge

Stand straight with your feet being apart at a twice shoulder-width. Keep the right leg straight and push the hips back and leftwards. Bend the left knee and lower the body until the legs thigh is at a position parallel to the floor. Keep the feet flat on the floor during the entire exercise. Pause for 2 secs. Then go back to starting positions. Complete a set amount of reps.
Switch sides.

Single-leg hip raise

Lie on your back. Put the arms to the sides at angles of 45 degrees. Keep the left foot flat on the ground with the left knee being slightly bent. Keep the right leg straight. Raise the right leg until it lines up with the left thigh. Squeeze the glutes, push the hips up, pause and go back to starting position.


Stand straight and keep the feet at a shoulder-width apart. Slightly turn the toes outward.
Keep the weight on the heels. Hinge forward at the hips and sit the but back into a squat position. Bend the knees until the thighs reach a parallel to the ground position. Drive through the heels to go back up. While standing up, keep the core tight and squeeze the but.

Single-leg calf raises

Stand straight, keeping the feet apart at a hip-width. Raise the left knee up to a hip level, keep the toes pointed, the hands behind the head or on the hips. Keep the core tight. Lift the right heel as high as you can. Hold for 3 secs, lower the heel down and switch sides.

Side leg raises

Lie on one side. Keep the legs straight and stack them on top of each other. Prop the torso with the forearm or rest it flat on the mat. Lift the top leg up towards the ceiling. Lift in controlled and slow manner. Don’t lift from the lower back but from the hip and butt. Return to starting position. Switch sides. Repeat.

Inverted inner thigh openers

Lie on your back. Bend the knees. Keep the feet flat on the ground. Start lifting your right leg up. Keep the thighs touching. Extend your leg upwards toward the ceiling. Slowly start lowering the right leg to the right side as far as possible while keeping the hips and lower back touching the floor. Bring the leg back to starting position.

Single-leg glute bridges

Lie on your back. Bend the knees. Keep the feet flat on the ground. Lift the right leg, straighten out the knee, keep the thighs parallel to each other, and point the toe toward the ceiling. Push through the heels to lift the hips up. At the same time, squeeze the glutes. Try creating a diagonal line from the shoulders to the knees. Pause for 1-2 secs. Lower back down. Repeat with the other leg.

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