Do you need to wear wrist straps

The wrist straps are used by powerlifters, bodybuilders, baseball players and others. They enable the players to lift heavy items and stabilize the joints of their wrists for better wrist support and less risk for an injury. The straps can be made by leather, cloth or nylon and are available in many different looks so you can wear them with style.

What benefits do wrist straps have

Sometimes when we train we put our wrists in incorrect positions which leads to strain, stress and tension on the wrists which not only makes us feel tired faster but also increases the risk of injury. By using wrist straps your wrists won’t be able to get into the wrong position but will be stabilized and secure. That way you will be able to lift more safely and put the tension on the target muscles rather than the wrists.
The straps allow your arms to be relaxed while lifting which means that the pressure is shifted onto the target muscles.

Even if your hands are busted if you wear straps you’ll be able to continue lifting, even heavily.
When you are lifting heavily there is a neurological stress put on your hands which can be reduced if you use wrist straps.

The cons of the wrist straps

Some people strongly love to feel the steel of the bar in their hands and for them this feeling is more than enough to compensate for the extra repetitions which the straps can help you achieve.

In addition, if you are using straps you will be able to more easily “yank” the weight from the floor which isn’t safe if you are without wrist straps and if you have to stop using them you’ll have to change your technique or you may get injured.

If you rely too much on the wrist straps your grip may be weaker than if you don’t use straps as much. It is okay to use them once in a while but if you want to play a sport where you can’t use straps or in which a very strong grip is required you’d better not get used to using straps during your workouts.

If there is any discomfort in your arms while you lift, then you should better use wrist wraps.
Wearing wrist straps may lead to loss of mobility in the wrists but remember that that is the point – the straps are meant to keep the wrists secure, tight and strong.

Do not wear wrist straps all the time. Also, combine them with exercises for wrist mobility and

How to choose my wrist straps?

When you are deciding on straps you should take into consideration several things and they are – stiffness, length and thumb loop position.
The straps can be short or long. The short ones are about 12-20 inches while the long straps are about 18-24 inches. For assistance work and Olympic lifting you would better choose the shorter length. However, if you want to do heavy lifting where you do not want to be any motion at your wrist you would better go for a longer length.

The stiffness is variable – if goes from stretchy all the way to stiff. If you want to have some movement at the wrist choose a stretchy strap but if you do not want your wrist to move at all then go for a stiff strap.

The position of the thumb loop is important for how your position the strap while you are placing it on your hand. The loop is usually made to attach at the corner – this means it will be easier to remove. But some loops are made is such a way that the both ends of the loops should be attached to the strap which makes the strap fit tightly but also makes it harder to remove the loop.



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