Do you need to wear gloves to work out

The fitness world is much more than simply lifting some weights. To keep a proper form you should combine various exercises (and do them properly, of course). But there are also other aspects which the fitness enthusiasts consider. One of them is the wardrobe. Looking deeper into this topic we see that the workout gloves are one of the most controversial topics. Some people swear by them and always wear them while others do not even consider doing so. Let us explore this further.

The pros

The workout gloves allow you to have a better grip. It is not easy to hold onto barbells or dumbbells, especially if they are heavier. The weights can easily slip and injure you. That is where workout gloves come forward – they are designed to help you grip firmly onto the barbell or the dumbbells and do not allow the sweat to make the weights slippery.

They also provide more comfort for you. The weights can be cold and rough for your hands, which is where the workout gloves come in handy. They can protect you against these issues and, also, against the elements, especially if you are doing you workout routine in colder

Some workout gloves also provide support for your wrists. There are special brands that manufacture their gloves with a Velcro strap, which should be tightly wrapped around the wrist in order to ensure more stability. This has the potential to reduce the occurrence and the potential for wrist injury but can also be a part of wrist rehabilitation program.

The cons

Well, above we said that gloves ensure for a better grip but they can also worsen it. This is due to them adding more thickness to the barbell (or the dumbbells) and the thicker the bar is, the harder it is to grip it properly. Therefore, sometimes when you are doing pulling exercises the workout gloves can limit the weight you can lift.

They may worsen your lifting technique. While lifting weights you should be very careful with your technique for, if it is incorrect, it may lead to injures and prevents you from getting the full benefits of the particular exercises. Now, many exercises should be done with the bar being close to the wrists, on the bottom part of your hand’s palm. But wearing workout gloves forces the bar upward towards the fingers. That way you put too much pressure on the wrists, which makes the exercise harder and increases the chances of wrist injury over time.

In addition, if you get used to using workout gloves during you training session, once you try to take them off you will be feeling uncomfortably and will be less flexible with the workout.

A word about calluses

Some people choose to wear gloves while working out because they think that the gloves prevent calluses. Well, wearing gloves has nothing to do with the formation of calluses – they can develop no matter if you wear gloves or not.

In conclusion

There is not only one side of the coin. If you are lifting you need to have a good technique which means that gloves aren’t the best thing you can choose. Instead of them you can use chalk or straps. In addition, if you think whether you should wear gloves because you grip is weak, first you can try to strengthen your grip with other exercises.

Nevertheless, if you really want to go for gloves, if you train in a cold climate or if you are lifting lighter dumbbells, then workout gloves can be the right choice for you.


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