Do you need to do aerobic exercises to lose weight

Aerobic workouts for weight loss

Many of the workouts which are tailored to weight loss are aerobic ones. They can be called cardio, cardiovascular training or just aerobics. A cardiovascular exercise is any movement which raises the heart rate and induces deep breathing for an extended time period.

Running, brisk walking, swimming, riding a bike, etc. are cardiovascular activities. Weight lifting does increase the heart rate and does make you breathe deeply but for too short a period to qualify as a cardio exercise.

Aerobic exercises are the core of the majority workout which have weight loss as a goal.

Why is that? Well, aerobic exercises burn calories and fat. When you do cardio training, you boosting your metabolism which revs up the calorie burning. And if you exercise intense enough, you’ll burn calories and fat not only during but also after the exercise.

Cardiovascular activities are also beneficial for the function of the heart and the lungs. Yes, this doesn’t directly contribute to losing weight, but will allow your body to perform better during the day which means you may be more active even when not training.

Benefits of aerobic exercises

Regular cardio exercises increase your energy levels, release endorphins in the brain and due to that they help reduce the stress and improve the mental health. Aerobic exercises also increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs. They also reduce the blood pressure, lower the resting heart rate and lead to decreased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Aerobics at home

You can exercise completely comfortably at home, there are various aerobic exercise you can do there. The cheapest one is to do a vigorous clean or dance around the living room on your favorite music. There are also various home fitness products as skipping ropes, rebounders,steps, dance mats, etc.

Aerobics outdoors

You can get quite a lot of benefits even from some extra brisk walks (if you are working intensely enough that you’ve increased your heart rate and breathing rate).

Or you can go for a run, a jog or a bike ride. For aerobic fitness you can also practice team sports because they involve activity periods during which you are spending lots of energy.

Aerobics at the gym

There are many options for aerobic training in the gym. Treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, ski machines, stairmasters and cross trainers are just some examples. Or you can join some fitness classes with an instructor. Also, swimming is a wonderful cardio exercise and is one of a low impact which means it’s suitable for those who’ve had muscle or joint problem or injury.

How often should you train?

It’s recommended to train about 3-5 days a week for around 30 to 60 minutes (warm up and cool down not included). Ensure that your lungs and heart have worked hard enough and long enough for you to get the benefits of the aerobic activity but not so long that there is a risk of injury. A helpful tip to keep this in check – you should be out of breath but you should still be capable of speaking.

Start slowly, especially if you haven’t been active for some period of time. Start with 10 minutes sessions the first week, the next week increase this to 15 or 20 minutes until you are comfortable with training for a longer period of time.

Listen to your body. Yes, your muscles can be tired but your joints shouldn’t start feeling sore neither should your breathing be uncomfortable. If that happens, stop and rest. Do the next training session only when you are feeling in a fit state.

Several side notes

How much weigh you’re going to lose with aerobics depends on several factors.
First is weight. The heavier the weight is, the more calories a person will burn.
The kind of aerobics also matter. High-impact aerobic exercises burn more calories than low-impact ones (bur are also harder on the joints). Low-impact exercises are better for people who are obese, older or pregnant.

The time you spend exercising is also a factor in the weight loss.
And the type of diet you are following according your weight loss regimen is also of importance.


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