Do you need protein powder to make progress at the gym

You are may be wondering if you should take protein power to make a bigger progress at the gym? Well, there are various opinions on that but we’ll try to give you a better understanding for you to find the answer to this question.

Does protein powder work and is protein powder better than normal food?

Yes, it works. But it isn’t necessarily better than normal food. The protein powder is actually an easy to digest form of protein. It doesn’t have special properties except that it has a high glycemic index with this property affecting the absorption rate and the levels of blood sugar.
Research has shown that whey protein is marginally more effective for the recovery versus the same amount of similar in quality chicken breast. So if you are taking things more seriously or you are a pro athlete, marginally may be worthwhile for you. But this isn’t going to lead to a huge and really significant improvement.

Still, studies don’t account for the time it’ll take to go home, cook and eat. So, you need to consider the convenience of the protein powder. So if you struggle to get up early enough to cook a proper breakfast, you can actually use some protein powder.
Still, it’s not necessary to consume protein powder to make progress unless you are a frail person who eats very little. You can do just fine even without it.

What is the advantage of the protein powder?

Protein is a macronutrient which, amongst many other important jobs (like used to produce enzymes, nucleic acids, hormones, cellular messengers, etc.), is used to produce muscle tissue. So you need adequate protein intake for virtually every body function, as well as for proper recovery of the muscles after you work-out. If this recovery doesn’t happen as it should, this may lead to overtraining and an injury.
It’s good to have some protein after a work-out so your body can use it to start healing the tears in the muscle tissue which are caused by the intense muscular contraction during the training session.

Our bodies need more time to digest the protein and send it to the muscles so it can be good to have some protein powder (which takes about 30 minutes for the protein to be delivered to the muscles). So for some people consuming protein powder can be useful. Still, even without it you can make progress in the gym.

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