Do you have low energy when working out?

You have low energy when you hit the gym or train at home? Well, in this article we’ll discuss some of the most common reasons why this may be so and we’ll give you some ideas to help you overcome the fatigue.

You aren’t eating enough

In order to have enough energy when you are exercising, you need enough calories to supply fuel (aka energy) to allow your body perform the necessary activities. And by food, we don’t mean the unhealthy snacks but healthy food. If you’ll be training within an hour after eating,
try a quick snack with fast-releasing carbs. If you will be training within several hours, go for a bigger meal which contains slow-releasing carbs.

You aren’t sleeping enough

If you constantly get insufficient sleep, then this has a huge toll on your performance,including your exercise. You’ll be fatigued and won’t be able to recover properly. So try getting enough sleep.

You are overtraining

This is quite common mistake. If you train too much, this may be detrimental to both your mental state and your physical progress. Some of the warning signs are: insomnia, lost motivation, dropped performance, decreased immunity levels, you are constantly feeling sore and your body is aching.

Give your body some well-deserved rest to allow it to fully recover. Afterwards you’ll be feeling motivated and energized.

You are dehydrated

Water is really important. During the day, and even more while exercising, your body loses fluids and you need to keep replenishing them. If you lose water, this also means you are losing electrolytes. And those electrolytes are vital for the muscles.

If you are dehydrated, this may lead to lack of energy. So try drinking enough water.

Tips for increasing energy

In some cases motivation may help you increase your energy. If can come from different sources – wanting to look good, wanting to be healthy or lose weight, etc. You can also find motivation by listening to your favorite music or watching videos of people who are training.

Caffeine is also a source of energy. But, remember, this gives you only a temporary energy boost.

Energy supplements can be helpful, too.

You can also try taking multivitamins or Vitamin B. Lacking those vitamins may lead to a feeling of fatigue and tiredness.

Again, eat properly and drink enough water to have enough energy and electrolytes for your training session.


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