Deadlift – How to perform the exercise

What is that? Well, this is an exercise with weights – one grabs a loaded bar or barbell and lifts it of the ground to hip level after which they lower it down again. Together with bench press and squat, deadlift is one of the three powerlifting disciplines. It is among the best exercises for it not only builds muscle but also increases athleticism, gains strength and burns fat. It is important do to it properly in order to decrease the risk of injury and get the most benefits.

How to perform it

To begin with your mid-foot should be placed under the barbell. Then you should bend over, put your hands at a shoulder-width on the bar and grip it tightly.

Start bending your knees until you touch the bar with your shins. Now you should straighten your lower back and lift your chest up. Inhale deeply, hold the breath and stand up with the bar in your hands.

When you reach the top you should lock your knees and hips and hold the weight for just a second. Then start moving your hips and bending your legs to place the weight back on the ground.

Keep your lower back neutral or you risk to get injured. Do not round your back during deadlift for this endangers your spine by placing uneven pressure on the spinal discs.

Mistakes to avoid

One really common mistake is bouncing the bar off the ground in order to deadlift. What does this mean? Well, some people drop the bar too quickly in order to use the rebound of the weight against the ground for lifting the weight up. That way you are not strengthening the muscles but you are weakening them. And you are also increasing the risk of getting injured.

Another mistake is to lean back while at the top. Do not do this; your body should be in a straight position. Leaning back while holding the weight puts squeeze the spinal discs and may lead to herniated discs.

In addition, do not deadlift top-down. It is called deadlift for a reason – you are lifting a DEAD weight, which means the weight should be on the ground. If you pull top-down you drop the bar too fast and use the rebound to bring it back up. This leads to you not getting the full benefit and risking potential injury.

In addition, remember to touch the ground when you are putting the bar down. If you keep the bar in the air while performing this exercise you are putting too much strength on your back.

More advices

Space your feet at a hip-width. Your grip should be just outside of your legs and an overhand one – meaning that the back of your palm should be facing forward.

Once again, your spine should be neutral which means that you should keep your back flat. Also, keep your shoulders back and down.

During the whole time you should keep the bar in contact with your legs in order to achieve full range of motion. Moreover, while performing the  exercise you should move your hips and knees together.

Lastly, here is a video on how to do deadlift:

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