Cheat Meal or Cheat Day – Which is better if you want to stay fit

We’ve all heard of “cheating on your diet”. But there are different types of this. You can have a cheat meal or you can have a cheat day. So, which is better? Is any of them worth it? Is it better do cheat on your diet for one full day or to simply have one cheat meal?

How much is too much?

There is a difference between a cheat day and a cheat meal. The cheat days can undo the whole week’s training and dieting. But if you break this down to a cheat meal, you can control your response to the calories increase. Avoid the backup of sugar in your bloodstream – the so called “overspill” effect – because it makes your body store fat.

Some tips for a cheat meal

Do a cheat meal only if you’ve completely followed your diet throughout the week. Don’t do extra cheats.
When you have a cheat meal, aim for an extra of 500 to 1000 calories.

For cheat meals, have protein and first eat the protein.
Do your cheat meal on a day when you are training.
Don’t consume processed food. When you’ll be having a cheat meal, make it yourself or go to the market where you know that someone has made the cookies, hamburger, etc.
Don’t eat in front of the TV. Rather have your cheat meal at the table.
Once you get up from the table, then your cheat meal is now over. Don’t store the leftovers,don’t order take aways. You really don’t want to have some tasty temptation stored in your fridge.

Avoid the foods which can leave you with a feeling of sluggishness, lack of energy or exhaustion. This is especially important if you’ll be training after the cheat meal.

Don’t binge eat foods which will lead to demotivation from training. And don’t stray away from your training and dieting regimen. Try and see which is the best for you. If you are really lean and your body fat is below 10% (for men) or 17% (for women), then you can go for a cheat day. But still, test your body to see how it will respond.

Why to go for a cheat meal?

If you crave for a particular food and you avoid consuming it for too long, it can cause unhappiness and can even make you fall off your diet completely. If your diet restricts too many kinds of foods, this is a recipe for failure. The diet should be realistic and the inability to enjoy the foods you love most is unrealistic.

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