Can you get a beach body in 3 months?

We’ll start by simply giving you the answer of this question. Although it depends to some extent
on your current shape, if you aren’t too much out of shape you can achieve a beach body in three
months by sticking to a healthy diet and performing regular exercises. Check with your doctor if
your diet and exercise program is healthy for you. Let’s now see how to do it.

Change in the diet
If you want to lose weight, then you know you’ll need to cut on your calories (except if your
weight is due to a metabolic disease in which case you should consult your doctor both for your
weight and for the proper way to treat the problem and lose some pounds). And, like we always
say, do NOT starve yourself. Not only is it bad for your health, but it also makes your attempts to
lose weight inefficient because if your body doesn’t get enough calories it goes into the
‘starvation’ mode in which it stores more of the nutrients you consume as fat tissue.
Carefully decide how much should you lower your calories but remember that they shouldn’t be
less than 1,200 per day (1,500 if you are active).
Try to avoid the consumption of processed foods and meats (like bacon, potato chips, etc.)
Instead focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurt and other healthy foods. It’s also
important to include enough protein which can be found in seafood, soy foods, poultry, beans
and low-fat dairy.
Eat at regular intervals and try to consume roughly the same amount of calories at each meal.
If you want to get in shape, simply changing your dietary habits won’t be enough. You’ll also
need to include enough exercise in your daily regimen. It’s recommended that you do 30 minutes
of aerobic activity of moderate intensity five days per week according to the CDC (Center for
disease control and prevention). And we would recommend that you also include 2 days in which
you do full-body strength training.
Since you want to improve the building of the muscles and to tone up your body, you can gain
some benefits of eating a snack within about 30 minutes after you’re done working out. This
snack should have enough protein and a small amount of carbohydrates.
Try to exercise regularly and work out your entire body. You’ll start seeing some results (even
though they’ll be small) in a couple of weeks and it’s quite possible that you’ll be ready for the
beach in about 3 months.


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