Can you change your wrist size

You may be wondering if you can change the size of your wrists. Your wrists may be so small because their size is defined by your bone structure. If you’ve been active and practiced a physical activity which required the use of your arms before you’ve reached adulthood,then you probably have big – or at least average – wrists. But if you haven’t been active, then you’ll probably have small wrists.

Can one get thicker wrists?

Well, not really. It’s hard and takes huge amounts of effort and time for minimal results.
That is because your wrists are joints and have some muscles attached to them but there are no actual muscles in the wrist itself. This is why it’s hard to make it bigger.

To get big wrists, you need thicker bones or you need to somehow change the structure of your hand and forearm but that’s not possible.
Still, you can do some things to help your wrists gain some size.

First, you can gain weight because the fat is stored in the whole body – including the wrists.
But that’s not a healthy option and you probably don’t want it either.
But you can train your forearms to get thicker because this way, to a small extent, you’ll get thicker wrists.

Just remember that the forearms grow quite a lot when you train them properly so the size ratio between them and the wrists will get bigger.

How to get bigger wrists

There are various exercises but in order to see results you’ll need time and dedication.
You can do curls and extensions.
Knuckle pushups are also a good option.
Deadlifts, pull ups and chin ups can also help.
Other exercises you can try are the hand grips, lever lifts, seated wrist curls, towel pull-ups,etc.

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