Can you change the shape of your body

Let’s start by checking out what are the different body shapes.

  • Apple – rounder in the mid section and thinner legs
  • Pear – wider hips and narrow shoulders
  • Hourglass – balanced lower and upper body; narrow waist
  • Inverted triangle – shoulders are broad while the hips are narrower
  • Ruler – viewed from straight on the shoulders, waist and hips look like they are almost the same width.

There is another form of describing the body types:

  • Ectomorph – lean, slender built, slight muscular development
  • Mesomorph – athletic body type
  • Endomorph – highly rounded body, has the tendency to gain lots of weight.

No matter in which category you fall, there are different ways to alter how your body looks.
Well, you can’t make drastic changes because the body type is determined by the genetics.
But you can sculpt various body parts to make it look like you have a different body shape.
There are several main ways to change this perspective – exercising and losing body fat.
Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Losing body fat

The shape of your body may be determined by the distribution of the body fat. But only cardio won’t lead to much more significant results because it will slim you down but may not make your body type different. For a toned body you may need strength training.
The combination of strength training and cardio exercises is the best way to lose body sat.
Strength training will also aid you in burning up more fat and will increase your muscle mass which means your metabolic rate will go up. So you’ll burn more calories even after the workout.

Another helpful tool for weight loss is HIIT (High intensity interval training).

What type of cardio to choose?

Whatever you like – cycling, running, swimming, Zumba, dance class… each will help you lose weight, get in a better shape and get healthier.

  • Pear shape
    With pear shaped body there is a perceived imbalance which you can even out by doing
    exercises that target the upper body – back, chest and shoulders.
  • Apple shape
    Work on your lower body by doing compound movements – lunges, squats, etc. –
    because this will allow you to strengthen your core and lower body at the same time
    and will tone up your lower body muscles. Also, work on the upper body with
    compound movements.
  • Hourglass shape
    Keep your training program balanced to work both on your upper and on your lower
    body equally. Do some core exercises.
  • Inverted triangle shape
    Work on the lower body – leg press, side lunges, regular lunges, squats, etc. When
    doing cardio, you can also use the step machine. You also need to work on the upper
    body but put more focus on the lower body.
  • Ruler
    Try to stick to a balanced program for strength training which works on both the
    upper and the lower body. In the process your waist will start looking smaller. To
    keep the core strong, do compound movements and use free weights.
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