Can you build chest muscles with just push-ups

So you want to build your chest muscles? Well, that’s great. And some of you will ask the
question whether they can achieve this by doing only push-ups. We’ll show you some
information about this topic.
How do our muscles grow?
We’ll keep out explanation simple. Muscle growth requires three steps:
 Stress aka exercises
 Recovery – rest and consumption of protein
 Persistence aka repetition
Thus, you need some resistance. This resistance provides the stimulation which makes our
muscles grow. Of course, the growth itself happens during the period of recovery but the
stimulation is what does micro damage to the muscle fibers and the recovery of this damage
makes our muscles bigger.
Resistance and push-ups
The resistance can be achieved by doing an exercise which puts tension on the muscles and
joints. The push-ups do exactly this. When you push yourself back up, you place stress on the
triceps, shoulders and chest muscles.
But, of course, you cannot simply do several push-ups and expect to see big results. You need to
push your musculature beyond a certain level of exertion for some time.
And, also, doing the exercise properly is crucial for gaining the full benefits. First, lie down on
your stomach. Put your hands on the flood a little wider than shoulder-width. Keep the feet right
next to each other. Start pushing yourself off the flood until you reach the position in which your
arms have extended to the fullest. Keep your body in a straight line. Now start bending your
elbows to lower your body towards the floor until your chest is about a fist-width above the
floor. Then start pushing yourself back up.
When you start, it may be hard to perform the regular push-ups but you’ll adapt to the exercise.
After a while you’ll get quite a good endurance – the endurance capacity is mostly trained when
you do a particular movement for more than fifteen repetitions.
But since you want to build strength, you’ll need to start doing more advanced variation after
you get used to the regular push-ups.
Some advice
It’s believed that it’s good to do push-ups routine 3 times a week and it isn’t necessary to do
them more frequently. Also, the recommendation is to do up to 15 reps for around 3-5 sets.

When you get used and you start easily doing more than 15 reps for those 3-5 sets, switch do a
different push-ups variation.


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