Can aerobic exercises help you with anaerobic exercises

What are aerobic exercises

What are benefits of aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are quite important. In fact many health organisations advice to do some kind of aerobic exercise at least 20-30 minutes 5 times a week.

They can help you with many things such as:
Improving your arterial health – people that do a lot of aerobic exercises (harvard article) can improve a lot their artery health.
It improves blood delivery to muscles –
Improves the body movement –
Improves the composition of the body – reducing the body fat percentage helps your body staying fit and in better shape.
Strengthens your body muscles –
Strengthens bones and tendons – strong bones and tendons are important for all activities, but especially for strength training (anaerboc exercise)
Improves mood –
Decreases anxiety –

How can aerobic exercises help with anaerobic exercises




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