Calorically Dense Foods (On a Budget)

If you want to achieve great results, when working out, you have to combine it with proper nutrition. When you workout, if you wan to build muscle, it is great idea to calculate and keep an eye on your calories. Calories are important and one of the top 3 factors in nutrition when you want to get fit or build muscle.

Most of the time people think they are eating enough and if you try to calculate the actual caloric intake, it might seem that they eat a ton of fods, however the calories might not be near enough for their requirements, especially to build muscle.

For muscle building calories have to be higher that what you use during the day, depeding on your activity level it could be quite high. It also depends on your bodyfat, weight, height,age and more factors.

There are calorie calculators that can calculate the amount of calories you need to eat a day to achieve your goal. So if you have done that, and now it is hard for you to get healthy and yet high calorie foods, instead of eating fatty and junk foods, we created a list of foods, that are high in calories and a pretty good nutritionally complete foods.


Peanuts, kahes, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and many more. They are one of the most natural caloricaly dense foods. They all provide around 600 calories per 100grams. They are quite tasty, provide good fats that our body needs. They provide great vitamins and minerals and come packed with high protein levels too.


When you think about oats, you might not enjoy them, or just view them as a quick meal, however they are great source of complex carbs, which is great for people that eat too much, however they are also good source of calories. Usually (depending on the type) they provide aroun 370 calories per 100gr. And 100gr is a regular one meal , depending how you eat it. Great way to eat oats is either soacked in hot water or maybe even blended with fruits.




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