Calisthenics vs Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting

The 3 main types of working out for people that want bigger and stronger muscles.

Let’s see what each one represents and how they are similar and different, why they are preffered for building strength and muscle size and whih one is better for your goals.


Powerlifting is competitive sport, in which you try ti lift as heavy as possible. It includes just 3 exercises Bench press, Squats and Deadlifting.
Powerlifting is not strenght training, because it is just limited to those three exercises, where strength training is mainly for strength increase and muscle size.
Powerlifting is just increasing your 1 rep max, meaning the heaviest possible weight you can lift in those 3 exercises, for 1 single repetition.


This type of exercises is quite different than the powerlifting. The calishtenics exercises too can help you increase muscle mass and decrease bodyfat percentage, but they are not limited to those specific exercises.
Calisthenics usually do not require any additional equipment, and can often be seen at street workout places. You can do them even at home as they do not require additional weights. You can perform calishtenics with just your bodyweight. Now this might sound easy and pointless maybe, to somebody that lifts 250lbs bench press, but calisthenics are not easy. They are no simply push ups that you can do 50 in one set. Often calisthenics require a lot of time to learn the movement and proper performing it and they can significantly increase your overall strength too.



Is mainly targeted at size, people that want to get big, but don’t really need to get stronger and don’t want to lift heavier weights, just want to look better and bigger.

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