Bodyweight exercises to help you lose weight

It is much more practical to work out at home especially if you have a busy time schedule. We have compiled this article for all of you who want to exercise at home to lose weight and tone up their muscles. We know that the best exercises to do at home are those who use your body weight and gravity. You can easily lose fat and gain muscle without even using weights. You just need to choose some (or all) of the bodyweight exercises we have gathered for you and make time to practice them daily.

In order to do a dip you will need a place with two stable bars on each side of your body. Then grab those bars and jump up. You have to straighten your arms and start lowering your body down until the point at which your shoulder are below the elbows. Afterwards you should push back up.

They are among the most popular bodyweight exercises. Push-ups improve the strength of the upper body. At first you should put your body in plank position and start lowering yourself down until the chest touches the ground (or is just above the ground). Then start pushing yourself back up to starting position.

With them you can exercise the lower part of your body and strengthen your back. Stand straight up with your feet at shoulder length and stand straight. Then start bending the knees in order to lower your body until the upper part of your legs is at a 90-degree angle with the lower part of your legs.

Mountain climbers
This exercise works on the entire body and helps you gain muscle and lose fat. The starting position is to be standing on your toes and hands. The body should be at a straight line. Bring one of your knees toward your chest and while you are returning it back to the ground you should immediately place the other knee towards the chest. This should be done quickly. Remember to alternate the legs.

Triceps Dips
You can work out the back of the arms by doing this exercise but you should modify it (bend your knees to allow the legs to support part of the body weight) if you have pain in the wrists or in the shoulders. To do triceps dips you should start by placing your hands on a chair, bench or a sturdy box and extend your legs in front of you. Start bending the elbows to lower the body down towards the ground until the butt reaches the ground. Then go back up to starting position.

They are really effective in burning body fat and, of course, losing weight. You should do them on solid ground in order to avoid injuring yourself. The starting position is to stand straight with the feet being apart at shoulder width. Put your hands in front of your feet and jump back to a plank position. Then do a push up. Afterwards you should jump back to the place where your feet were in the start. Now you should raise your arms. Lastly, you need to jump up. Remember to do the exercise fast but carefully.

With them you can work out your lower body. At the start you should be standing with your right foot being in front of your left one. The hips and the knees should be faced forward. Remember that the stomach should be tight and the shoulder should be kept back. Start bending
your knees to lower yourself down until your left knee is just above the ground. Then return back to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times and switch sides.


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