Biceps Curls – How to perform the exercise

Dumbbell curls are an amazing exercise if you want your arms to get bigger and to strengthen yourself. If you perform them correctly, you will train effectively the long head as well as the short head of the biceps.

How to perform it

Take a dumbbell in each of your hands. Your body should be up and straight. Each hand should be at arm’s length while your elbows have to be close to the torso. Then start rotating your palms until they are faced forward. That is the starting position.

During the exercise, you should keep the upper parts of your arms stationary. Breathe out and start curling the dumbbells and contracting your biceps. Keep raising the dumbbells until you reach a position where your biceps have fully contracted. Now the weights should be at the level
of your shoulders. Stay in this position for a second while squeezing your biceps.

After this brief pause breathe in and start bringing the weights back to the starting position.
This exercise can be done in different variations. For example – you can sit on the bench (without or with something supporting your back) or you can alternate your hands (first lift one of the hands, put it down and then repeat with your other hand).
Another variation is to begin with your palms facing your torso and rotate them forward during the lifting. In this case your palms should be faced forward at the top of the movement while your small finger should be at a higher level that your thumb.

Mistakes to avoid

Do not do too much sets. Your biceps can be easily over trained and you will want to avoid this.

A useful recommendation is to do no more than six sets for biceps if you are a beginner.
Moreover, do not use only partial range of motion. Curl all the way to the top position in which the dumbbells should be at shoulder level. Do not try to raise them higher, as well, for if you try to do it you will probably lift your shoulders and this reduces the tension on your biceps and reduces the efficiency of the exercise.

A common mistake is to use momentum. Avoid this because you are simply wasting effort and time. Moreover, do not use your hips and knees to generate momentum and to make the curling easier. If you find it impossible to avoid this, we suggest doing the exercise while sitting down for this will not allow you to generate any momentum with your knees and hips.

More advices

Your elbows should be stationary during the exercise and kept near the sides of the body.

Do not do any jerky movements, you should curl slowly and smoothly.
Always extend your hands fully when you are going back to starting position. This extension gives you the full benefit of the exercise.
Do not round your upper back and don’t lock your knees – keep them loose instead.

In addition, after we gave you the proper technique and some useful tips we want to show you a video in which you can see how to correctly do the biceps curls:

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