Bench Dips – How to perform the exercise

The bench dip is an exercise where you use the weight of your own body to exercise the triceps and strengthen them. They can be easily learned and can be performed almost everywhere. But if you’ve had injured your shoulders before talk to a doctor before starting to do bench dips for
they can be hard on your shoulders.

How to perform it

To perform bench dips you’ll need, obviously, a bench. Stand in front of it with your back turned against it. The bench should be perpendicular with respect to your body. Hold the bench’s edges while keeping your hands extended fully and separated at a shoulder-width. Your legs also have
to be extended but forward and perpendicular to your torso while being bent at the waist.

Inhale and start bending your elbows to lower your body. Do this slowly and steadily until you’ve lowered yourself down to a position in which between the upper arm and the lower arm there is an angle slightly less than 90 degrees. Your forearms should be pointed down during the
whole process. Your elbows should be as close as possible.

Then start bringing your torso back up using the triceps until you are at the starting position again.

If you wish to make the exercise a little bit more challenging, you can put your legs onto another flat bench which is placed in front of you.

Mistakes to avoid

Don’t use only partial range of motion unless it’s too hard for you to use the full motion range.
Try to get all the way down to fully activate your triceps. But don’t go too low because that way the tension on your shoulder joints is too much.
The elbows should be tucked by your sides. If you flare them out, this will take the pressure of the triceps, thus, lowering the effectivity of the exercise, and will put this stress mainly on the shoulders which puts you at risk of injuring yourself.

Don’t go too fast. That way you are applying tension on your muscles for a shorter period of time which leads to less effectivity.

More advices

To get the most out of your exercise do the bench dips at the beginning of your training session for it takes a lot of energy.

If you find it too heavy, you can make the bench dips less challenging by lowering yourself only halfway, not to full 90 degrees.
Don’t lower your body too far down – this may lead to shoulder injury.

Always use a stable base to put your hands on. In the best case you’ll be using a bench in the gym. But if you want to do bench dips at home, you can also do it but you need to use something stable (and at least as wide as the distance between your shoulders) as a base.

Those are the general rules and tips for how to do bench dips and we want to finish off by showing you a video on how to do them:

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