Are you making progress in the gym?

When you start working out, you could see results quite quickly. Usually takes few weeks and yous tart to feel more pumped and you can see losing of fat or just simply new definition of muscle in your body. That spikes the motivation, which is great, because motivation can help you see long term results. However, many people make the classic mistake, which is assuming that the results will continue with the same size in the future.

For example you expect to see same results for the next few months and think that you will get to the desired result quite quick. However that is not the way it works. You can see quick gains of muscle at first, but them the results become harder to achieve.

That is how the human physiology works. If you keep adding muscle as quick as the first few months you would gain so much muscle in just 1-2 years.

So no matter if you are building muscle or losing body fat, you should expect to see quick results at the beginning and they should slow down over the first few months.

If you are wondering, how to find out if you steel making progress or you hit a plateau, then we will share some ideas to help you understand and notice if you are making progress or you need to consider chaing your training program.

1.Don’t just check yourself in the mirror

It is not easy to see big results by just simply looking for them in the mirror. At first it is quite possible to see visible results, but with time and more slower results, and you checking yourself quite often in the mirror, due to the fact that we accept it as normal, it is quite hard to notice any changes.

2. Take pictures

Taking pictures might sound weird, but if you look at many progress videos at youtube will notice that most people take pictures. Pictures will show you how much you have progressed, and you might even be surprised. Just try to take the picture at the same place at the same mirror and same lighting.

3.Check your body fat and weight scale

If you are just looking at the scale, for the lbs number, you should consider this – the scale doesn’t care if you gained 3lbs in food or you sweated 3lbs and you will get them back after few hours of normal hydration.
What we are trying to say is that the scale doesn’t take into account what exactly is the weight. So if you want to keep making progress, you should not only look at the weight number, but also measure body fat percentage. It can be done by few ways, and the easiest one is


4.Measure your arms/waist/hips

Measuring the size of that parts of your body is important. But as the pictures, you should try to do it at the same time. If you measure them after and before work out might see a lot of difference. But if you measure them let’s say in the morning after bed, then if you see that your arms are getting bigger and your waist is getting smaller you could be almost certain that you gained muscle in those areas, and you also did not just gain body fat, since your waist is getting smaller.




Now how to know if you have progressed? Depending on the goal that you have, you might want to combine some of the steps above, and also photos, but keep in mind that if you want to compare photos, should be at the same time of the day, at the same lighting and the same mirror and position.

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