5 main points of muscle building

If you want to build muscle, you need to follow some simple rules that guide and improve muscle building.
Most people tend to join the gym without having any idea, and they think that by simply lifting weights you will increase your muscle size. But if you know anything about training, you would know that this is simply not true. Lifting weights it part and of course a key part, but is still not enough by itself to build muscles.

Building muscles is process which combines, proper nutrition, proper training to stimulate your muscles, and proper recovery and of course consistency.


In order to build muscle, you have to provide your body with the proper building blocks to do so.
Key compomnents in food that you have to look for are proteins and carbs. Carbohydrates, are macronutrient that is preffered source of energy for the body. So you should consume a lot of complex carbohydrates. This will help your body get enough energy to train and this is directly connected with results that you get.

Another key component of eating is to get enough protein. You have probably heard about protein consumption and its effect on muscle building. Basic idea of protein is that it builds muscle cells, so you need to consume more than the average person in order to provide the building blocks your body needs after a good work out at the gym. Sufficient amount of protein would be different for each person, but as a general rule you should aim at around 0.8g of protein for each lbs of body weight.


Training is also a key compomnent of course. But not just lifting weights and trying to lift bigger weight. You need to go to the gym with idea to stimulate your muscles, lift proper amount of weight and lift at range that helps you increase size. General rule is to train at least 3 times a week, depending on your current training program, you could train each body part once or twice a week, and give them enough time to recover. If you train them once a week you have to put at least 3 exercises with 3-4 sets and around 10 reps to stimulate muscle growth. If you train tiwce a week then you should train around 2 exercises and around 3 sets for each body part and give them enough time to recover, which is at least 2 days.


You need to consider about proper calorie intake. Calories are quite important too. If you are doing everything great, but not eating enough calories for your current energy requirements, you are most likely not going to gain any muscle, and you can even lose body weight. It might be body fat, but it also could be muscle size, depending on the amount of calories you require and you are currently consuming. If you want to find out how many calories you need, you can do a quick google search for calorie calculator, then imput your activity level and other questions such as sex, age , weight and more. You can get a number that you need to consume in order to get enough energy to build muscle and train.


You might have heard that gym is not where the muscles are made. And if you think about it – training stimultas muscles to require them to grow stronger and bigger, but when you train you are stimulateding them, then they need time to recover and rebuild bigger and stronger. So you need few key components :
You have to get around 7 hours of good sleep every day. You body needs sleep to recover from the work outs.
As we already mentioned if you eat better, you will recover faster and you will be ready for the next work out.


You should aim at at least 0.5 galloons of water to help your body digest and recover.

Give your muscles time to recover. Depending on the intensity of the work out you might need to give your muscle 3+ days to recover, before you can train them the next time.


Without consistency it is pretty much impossible to build muscle. If you train once a week or 3 times a month do not expect to see any good results. You might see good results if you are first starting to work out, but this is simply due to the fact that muscles that haven’t been trained increase their size and mass quite quickly and without much stimuli. But if you expect to see good results and you just train few times a month and then take few months off this is simply not going to work.
Consistency involved all the previous key points, but doing them regularly. So you need to eat proper nutrients, sufficient amount of calories, give your body time to recover and stimulate your muscles regularly so that you can see good results. If you do the other key points without consistency it is most likely not going to bring you a lot of good results in the gym. Especially when we are talking about muscle building, which takes a lot of time and effort too.

Avoid injuries – is another component of consistency, you have to learn how to train without injuring yourself. For example, chosing good weight, not doing cheating and learning the proper way to perform an exercise.
If you suffer an injury, there is almost certainly effect on your progress. Because if you take time off the gym, which usually is the case with injuries, they often take months to recover, you would most likley stop and even regress what you have achieved.

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