30 foods that are high in carbs and low in fats

It’s not hard to follow a high-carb diet without consuming plenty of fats. There are many high-carb low-fat foods which can help you maintain the healthy carb-protein-fats ratio. In general, it’s recommended to consume 50-60% carbohydrates, 12-20% protein and 30% fat.
If you limit the intake of fats, you can promote the weight loss and lower the levels of your blood cholesterol. Many foods which have high content of carbs are also rich in fats – like fried foods, potato chips, baked goods, etc. But there are plenty of delicious and nutritious foods which can be awesome healthy choice for a low-fat diets.

Some words about the carbs

Some people think that carbohydrates are unhealthy because they are refined, processed and found in lots of high-fat products. But the link between high-carb diet and cardiovascular disease in due to the consumption of refined grain products – sugary products, fried foods, processed foods.
But diet which is rich in foods with high refined carbs content is unhealthy. Your best option for consuming more carbs is to eat vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes.

It’s recommended to consume variety of complex carbohydrates and minimize the intake of fats and animal protein. But there are plenty of plant-based foods which can help you achieve this goal.

Complex carbs can also be found in nuts, seeds and others but they have more protein than the other plant-based foods. But the rich in protein and carbs foods can help you enrich your diet in both these vital nutrients.

1. Milk
2. Yogurt
3. Beans
4. Peas
5. Lentils
6. Whole-grain bread
7. Oatmeal/oatcakes
8. Pasta/noodles
9. Brown rice/wild rice
10. Bananas
11. Tomatoes
12. Oranges/Grapefruits
13. Apples
14. Strawberries
15. Cucumbers
16. Eggplant
17. Broccoli
18. Corn
19. Asparagus
20. Lettuce
21. Radish
22. Celery
23. Cauliflower
24. Spinach
25. Sweet potato
26. Turnip
27. Onions
28. Brussels sprouts
29. Carrots
30. Spinach

Other tips

To reduce the content of fats you can also alter your cooking methods. Slow-cooking, steaming and boiling can help you reduce the fats content. On the other hand, sautéing and frying aren’t actually healthy methods of food preparation. But that can easily be changes.
Instead of frying your potatoes, try roasting them, for example.
Boiling, baking and steaming are cooking methods which are quite good for your health.

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