10 foods that are high in calories, that you might not consider as such

Are there some foods which you believe to be low in calories but they actually have a huge calorie content? Well, yes, there are. And we’ll show you 10 of them.

Gluten-free cookies

It may seem that they are healthy but actually no gluten doesn’t mean you are eliminating calories from your diet. Those are still cookies which means that they contain calories and maybe even more than the similar-sized regular cookies.

Dark chocolate

Some bars of dark chocolate may contain up to 600 calories. So, eating dark chocolate doesn’t mean you can eat more.

Chia seeds

A tablespoon of chia seeds may contain about 70 calories.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter may have some benefits but enjoy it moderately because a tablespoon contains about 100 calories.

Rice crackers

You may believe that rice crackers should have less calories but most of them have just as much as the regular crackers.


Rasins are considered to be “calories dense” which means that small amount of raisins gives you a lot of calories. 1.5-ounces of raisins contain 129 calories.


Another food which you can believe to have small amount of calories. Quinoa is tasty and rich in proteins but a cup of quinoa (when cooked) contains 222 calories (and brown rice has only 218 calories per cup).


A tablespoon of tahini has 8 g of fat and 89 calories which makes it pretty calorie-dense. Yes, it has beneficial ingredients (like calcium and vitamins B) but don’t overeat it for it has a good number of calories.

Grape-nuts cereal

You may think that this cereal is quite healthy when it can have 416 calories per cup and 580 mg of sodium.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt indeed has health benefits but a ¾-cup serving contains approximately 150 calories. And you may add honey or toppings to make the yogurt sweeter which racks up the number of calories.

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